How To Choose Your ICD

Not all ICDs are alike. Find out which functions are key to choosing the best device for your lifestyle.

Learn More About ICDs

This guide reviews what implantable cardioverter defibrillators do, how they work, and some key device functions to consider before choosing your implant.

An ICD is Your Decision, Too

Being an active partner in decisions about your ICD will help you and your doctor better plan your treatment.

Choose The Best ICD For Your Lifestyle

Understanding the different types of ICDs and their functions will help you and your doctor decide on the best device for your lifestyle.

  • Learn what ICDs do
  • How ICDs work
  • How an ICD is implanted
  • Key ICD functions
    • Capacitor Charging
    • Programming
    • Monitoring


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Anthony’s Story

“I went after the ball–suddenly I didn’t feel very well. I reached for my head and in three seconds I was down. I don’t remember anything after that.”

Anthony Van Loo, who is in his early twenties, has an inheritable heart disorder. When it detected a cardiac arrest, his device restored his heart rhythm.


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