Ann Kiefer, Pacemaker Patient

“The specific event that allowed me to get a pacemaker was that my heart stopped for 23 seconds.

“I am excited about my future. The pacemaker has given me a quality of life that I am just excited about everyday. After my pacemaker, I again can walk around the room, teach at the board, walk back and forth, walk amongst my students and have confidence that I’m not going to faint or need to sit down.

“People who are considering getting a pacemaker need to do the research I didn’t do. I went into it very blindly. Thankfully I had a cardiologist who had chosen a pacemaker with CLS. It’s that CLS functioning that is kicking-in and allowing my heart rate to be increased to offset my symptoms. But as I talk to other people on Facebook who have a similar a condition, many of them, just like myself, aren’t aware there are different pacemakers. We all need to know and we need to educate ourselves.”


Choosing Your Pacemaker

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