Barbara Hanson, Pacemaker Patient

“I’m always on the go. I like to do water aerobics at the Y–I do that every morning for an hour or so–I’m so busy doing other stuff I don’t want to be worried about what my heart’s doing. My pacemaker is as big as a fifty-cent piece with two little wires in it and it just slips right in.

“When I woke up [after surgery] it was fine–no pain associated with it–the fear was gone. There’s not even much of a scar. It’s just miraculous, what it does.

“The pacemaker put my blood pressure where it needs to be and is keeping it there. It was fixed so I could have an MRI with it. For me, that was good news because my mother died of cancer and I had skin cancer and I knew there was a possibility that sometime it could get worse. This meant that I could know for sure that if I needed an MRI, I could have one.”


Choosing Your Pacemaker

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