Hear from Ann’s Family

Ann’s son, Andrew: “It was hard to do things with family because she wasn’t willing to go and do things with us. I understood why she couldn’t, but it was still hard.”

Ann’s husband, Kit: “She wanted to do a lot of things that we take for granted. She just wasn’t able to because of these episodes.”

Ann’s mother, Joyce: “I noticed that she was slowing down and she wasn’t feeling as good. She seemed frustrated because she didn’t feel good.”

Andrew: “After she got her pacemaker, she was much more willing to do things. She was able to come to cross country meets or soccer… It was nice knowing that she was out there supporting me.”

Kit: “She’s regained her independence, it’s wonderful. I’m so happy for her. She’s beginning to live the life that she really wants to live and I really attribute it all to the pacemaker.”

Joyce: “After Ann had the pacemaker put in, I could see quite a change in her health turning around, it was very wonderful.”


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