Lisette Astudillo, Pacemaker Patient

Born with a congenital heart defect, Lisette began experiencing bradycardia symptoms: feeling fatigued, lightheaded, and feared passing out. She had a lot of anxiety.

“Not being able to go out on a weekend and enjoy my time with my daughter was a little frustrating. Once they told me the pacemaker would correct the issue, I was just happy to know there was a solution to it.

“One of the questions I asked, once a pacemaker was brought into the equation was: Would I be able to have MRI’s in the future? Being that I’m only 39 years old, you never know what could come up—health-wise in other areasp—where I might need an MRI. So that was something that was very important to mep—to make sure that the pacemaker was compatible.

“I actually felt an improvement that same week after I got out of the hospital, which was amazing–to feel back to my normal self. Having the pacemaker implant has been life changing. I’m able to enjoy life and have a sense of security again.”


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